May 14, 2012

Strap is Important!

I have seen many ladies paying much attention to the overall look and feel of the handbag and ignoring the importance of strap. They might think it less useful or perhaps they do not count it to be a part of the handbag even (as you may detach it and use the handbag without its strap). But I am strongly of the view that you must think this one of the most important parts of the handbag in terms of its practical use.

Strap or handle is not just an element of shape or design, it has much more practical use than this. It gives the handbag its shape when you hang it around your shoulder. Carrying the bag in the hand is ok but it does not create much aesthetic affect. Especially if the size of a handbag is a bit bigger, it will not suit being clutched by your hands. You will be knocking it against your calf and knee all the way you walk across the street to your office, home or shopping mall.

Strap should be adjustable so that you should be able to adjust it to the height it suits best to your personality. Difference in the heights of the women makes it difficult to come up with a standard size length of strap. Each woman has to make it fit to use according to her stature. So you must be careful in picking up a handbag without an adjustable strap.

There are certain handbags in the market whose manufacturers use different material for strap, simply to make the handbags cheap. You must not choose such handbags. Strap of a handbag should exactly be made of the same material that handbag is made of, other wise it will not correspond to the general standard and quality of the bag. Strap and handbag are not two different things.

Metallic straps are also getting in. Currently they are rare but still they are. They are not bad but before buying such handbags make sure the metallic strap does not irritate you or cause you a repetitive strain injury (RSI). One should also be careful about the weight of metallic strap or chain.

Straps get their strength from their material and the buckles they are attached to on the corners of the handbag. So while looking at the quality of the straps, also look at the buckles. Week buckles may give way when applied some pressure due the the weight of the handbag. Especially the handbags you buy for casual use must have strong buckles and straps, because you will be stuffing them with all the things of the world you have.

So before buying any handbag, do not forget to see what kind of quality its strap has. Poor quality straps may create a fuss. You can think of changing them altogether when broken or worn out but do remember that patch work is not what you purchase a handbag for. Handbags are a classic way of expressing your aesthetics, so they and their accessories must meet the standards of elegance.


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May 13, 2012

A Nice Leather Handbag and Mother’s Day!

Every year mother’s day is celebrated to show respect and gratitude to all the mothers of the world who have successfully kept the human race going since times immemorial. Had there been no mothers, there would not have been any species alive on this planet. Life itself is a present given to us by our mothers. There is no equalizer to it. However, on this day we can do something to show that we do recognize what our mothers have given to us. The best thing to do is to present something nice to Mom which could spread a sweet-cute smile on her face and make her eyes shine with pleasure.
There might be hundred and one things to be offered as a token of respect and love, however, I would suggest you a Leather Handbag to present to your mother. I know you will be thinking, “Why!”. Well let me tell you my logics for this.
I have always been of the view that whenever it comes to present something to our parents and especially Mothers, we must come up with a classy item. By classy I mean ‘something handy and precious’. We should never be miserly in selecting presents for our Moms (We must remember that this habit of ours will educate our children too; and we might also be having classy gifts by our children, when we get grey. You know it becomes a kind of family practice). A leather handbag is not a cheap item at all. I know it for sure that no mother, after having a leather handbag, can stop her tears of joy and pride.
When people grow old they do not pay much attention to the standard of the things of their daily use. I mean they can compromise on the quality of the stuff they are wearing, can neglect keeping items of attraction (like jewelry items) or we may say that they start getting out of fashion. It is, then, the duty of their children to maintain their things, as they did when their children used to be care free of how they were looking. Bringing a nice trendy leather handbag to a Mom will remind her to still be a part of the fashion world.
Old Moms (and even young ones) need handbags badly, as they have to keep so many important things in them. If you give a leather handbag as a present to your Mom, she will definitely be much delighted to carry it with her when she goes to see her friends at the community center. Same is the case with almost all the rest of the moms of the world. Sitting with friends at community center or at a park with a new shiny, classy leather handbag fills the moms with pride and confidence.
There are certain moms who want to have a collection of nice things, as they find it really pleasurable to spend their time while seeing and arranging their collections. They keep appreciating them, themselves. Such moms will always love to have a handbag as a Mother’s Day gift because it will prove to be a nice new addition to their collection. One may find almost all the presents one has given to such Moms, kept carefully by them in their cupboard. How romantic is this to see someone caring for the presents you have given! Why not to add something great and praiseworthy?
Coming to the conclusion you may choose anything for your Mom that you love to have for yourself. If you like to have leather handbags, do not hesitate to give one to your Mom.
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May 12, 2012

Handbags: Establish your own standard: Do not simply follow the trend!

Every season comes with its own hot items. These items keep changing all the year round. And the next year it is again something new which is considered to be HOT or In Vogue. Most of the women rush after buying hot items; or at least they want to do so. I have seen many women getting so much into this habit that it starts embarrassing them when they cannot keep their pace up to the challenge (Buying hot items every season is a pretty heavy task).

In this article I will present my arguments against this habit, however you have the right to disagree. Every handbag is not for every woman. Certain styles suit certain type of physiques. So, we must be clear that handbag is something that is as entirely individualistic in its properties as are human dreams. Every lady should have a style of her own otherwise she might be having something that isn’t meant for being hers. This way she may unconsciously  be projecting a blurred image of her aesthetic sense which eventually will demur her reputation instead of projecting it.

I will write another article elaborating in detail how to choose a style for you that best suits your personality and physique. This article is limited to the approach we should have regarding individual standard and the trends. Trends are made with effort and purpose. Don’t you notice that if an item is bought by a million people, does it remain to be of an individual taste? Why do you go for ‘general’ instead of ‘individual’? Try not to be part of a common lot; you will be lost in the crowd.

You must be thinking that if you try to follow this rule you will end up no where. Not at all. The only thing you need to know is that what style and shape of a handbag suit your personality the best. Once you determine this, you can think about having a collection of that style. You will have to hunt the handbags out of the market which are closest to your best suited style. You may even be nicknamed after the type of handbag you use most (Like Hobo Lady), but I don’t see anything wrong in being named after something you love.

One thing that is very important for any style or standard is its perpetuity. I mean that if you like to use hot items then you will have to be always at them, which will cost you much money and tension, as you will be shopping all the year round. Instead of this if you have a style of your own, it is easy to maintain it over a long period of time or even lifelong. In my point of view doing something for a year is far better and fruitful than something you do for a week.

If you have your individual taste you will be different from the rest of the world running after hot items. Instead of spending money on what TV ads say, you will be there in the market to spend on what you like to have. Being out of a rat race means to be peaceful. And to be at peace means to be more productive and easy. This will save you much money which you can spend on other useful things of your choice. So, establish your standard, maintain it and forget what the rest of the world is doing around you; they will start noticing you instead.

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May 11, 2012

Avoid Going for Cheap Handbags!

I know that everybody has a budget of his own with clear directions as to how much to spend on a particular item. I will not say that you should exceed the limit of your budget while buying a handbag, however, I must say that you should review your budget before buying a handbag. By reviewing I simply mean allocating a proper budget (Like you can’t think of buying a car in one or two hundred dollars).

There are some ladies who prefer going for cheap handbags, as they do not find it nice to spend much on them. I have written this article to tell how this kind of choice may cost you even more especially when it comes to put your purchase to practical performance. Let us examine some factors that may reduce the price of any handbag and after knowing them we may decide better either to compromise with them or say “No” to sub-standard things.

The very first thing that a manufacturer turns his eyes to is not to use genuine leather in making a handbag. This can reduce the production cost up to three to four times. The best known alternative to leather is Poly Urethane (PU). But it is still a bit expensive. So, the manufacturers do not use PU in their cheap handbags. Using low standard synthetic materials in something you carry in hand or on shoulder is not hygienic (The detailed description of possible health threats will be posted in a separate post).

If a handbag is made of leather and still it is cheap, it means the manufacturer has used very low class leather and dying chemicals. It is even worse than the one made of artificial leather. The chemicals used for the proper dressing and coloring of leather are very critical. The use of sub-standard chemicals can prove much injurious to our health (Again a detailed post covering the possible effects of leather dying chemicals on health will be posted shortly).

Handbag accessories, like zippers, lock, handle or other metal elements, are another possible source to cut short the price of a handbag. But you know these are the things that are most frequently used. If any one of them malfunctions or gets out of order, it makes the whole handbag useless. Cheap accessories do not run long which eventually result in replacing the old handbag with a new one, making us spend more.

Cheap handbags do have quality fabric in them. The inner fabric is necessary to keep up the inner structure of the handbag. Within a month or two of their use the cheap handbags’ inner fabric is torn or damaged and small things like coins, hairpins or small jewelry items may get lost behind seems which causes irritation and sometimes even permanent lost (as the exterior skin can easily be torn by sharp items).

I must say that cheap handbags do not do any good to you in almost any way. You spend more in terms of overall money spent on handbags, as the cheap ones do not last long. Besides losing your money, you also lose your social image to some extent. I do not see any point in going for cheap handbags with so many disadvantages; perhaps you do any if you disagree.

May 10, 2012

What is a good reason to have a Handbag?

I often think why we want to have things? Do we love to have something nobody else has, are we carried away with the sense of possession, do we simply love them, does having nothing impairs our prestige; whatever the answer is the fact remains that it is always thought good by human being to have something special. Do not think that I am getting unnecessarily philosophical; it is logical and fine to get into the details about our behavior.

We must confess that we always want to have things, the difference is only in the reason we want to have them for. Instead of counting the possible reasons for having things, I am concerned only with the best one; PASSION. If something becomes our passion, it is the best reason for us to have it; it be a girl, a house, a position, a medal or a handbag.

Handbag is different from other articles of use. It is not a jewelry item nor simply a fashion accessory. It is much more than that and you must understand the true spirit of having a handbag. "A man is known by the company he keeps, but a woman is known by the handbag she keeps", I do agree one of my friend's words. Handbag displays the aesthetic status of a woman, as it is an integral part of her personality.

Wherever you go, your handbag is with you. If it is too indispensable to leave, then it is not just a piece of leather. It reflects in brief what you think of beauty in general. Your work, visits to your friends and relatives, vacations, dine outs; it accompanies you every where. You and your handbag go hand in hand.

The type of handbag you choose, the color you prefer, the material you select, the way you wear it; all are very important. Make the choice of a handbag out of passion. Set a standard for you and then struggle to achieve it. Going cheap on handbags will not pay you much in promoting your personality. Go for a standard thing even if you have to weight for your next month's salary to add up to your previous savings to purchase a classic handbag.

You carry you world in it. Your cell phone, cash, important papers, even one or two pieces of clothes are there in it. It is a small world of yours and it must be beautiful and full of grace. You might have noticed celebrities spending thousands of dollars on their handbags, engaging designers to create exquisite and customized designs; simply because they know how important their handbags are to the projection of their overall image.

Whatever reason you may think of to disagree with what I have written but you can not change the fact that handbag is an important part of your personality. If something is a reality; it can only be witnessed; none can alter it to suit one's purpose. Handbags reflect you; you can not change the fact; simply make your reflection as powerful and assertive as you can or bend your head and keep walking in the world unnoticed.

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Do Old Women Need Handbags?

I have already been saying throughout my previous posts that handbags are not just articles of Fashion (Like we have jewelry; it is worn but no problem if you have none). Handbags are a woman’s need. It is another thing that along with fulfilling the purpose, handbags also present an element of beauty and elegance.

I have hardly seen a young lady without having a handbag. However, it does not mean that they are only for young ladies. Old women need them even more. Girls and young ladies might also use handbags to impress others; old ladies use them out of dire need. They can put their medicine in it (As in old age people are more prone to get serious diseases like heart issues or diabetes which require regular and frequent use of medicine). Extra piece of clothing (tissues, handkerchief, socks) can also be added in.

Moreover elderly people face problems with remembering things. It is better for an old lady to have a handbag to keep all her daily use valuables (cash, cell phone, glasses) in it, avoiding the possibility of losing them (unless her handbag is lost somewhere). They can also keep a book of their interest to enjoy reading it sitting on a bench at their favorite location in a park.

There is no denial of the fact that old women need handbags, however, they must be smart in choosing one. The old ladies must acknowledge the reality that they lack power and stamina. Therefore while choosing a handbag they should focus more on its practicality than style and beauty.

The handbag they choose must not be large, as it is more likely to be heavier. They may get tire of carrying, eventually stop using, resulting in the waste of their money. Lighter handbags are easy to use and carry proving more practical once you start using them.

They should be simpler in design; so many zippers and pockets may create a fuss for any old lady to operate. “The simpler the better”, that is the principle almost all old fellows follow. I do not mean only simple in design; in color too. In old age people tend to fall for graceful but sober colors instead of bright ones. Light and nice colors may have a soothing effect on old ladies.

Well this is my personal opinion that I am going to give now. One can disagree. I think handbags look nicer than shoulder bags on old ladies (I apologize in advance if any old lady likes the otherwise). Old ladies with shoulder bags give a bit strange impression. Nice small handbags, or more properly stating, hand purses go awesome with old ladies and they are closer to their needs too. However, if any old lady prefers a shoulder bag, it is her right to have what she likes.

I must conclude the topic saying that old ladies do need handbags more than the young ones. They just have to know what to buy which is not going to be an irritation for them in future when they will use it. I really wish for all old ladies to receive nice handy handbags as their next birthday present by their loved ones.


May 9, 2012

Handbags: Why Males Neglect Them!

Let me tell you a grim reality; Males do not think about handbags the way a woman does. To prove what I want to say, I would like you to ask any guy how much he knows about the handbags. You will be surprised to know the answer (Sorry to say that he can tell you lot about bras, but not handbags).  You might well already be aware of it. The reason I am writing this article is not to reveal what males think of handbags, rather why they do so. (I will really welcome, by the way, if any one mails me some other reasons too except the ones written in the following paragraphs).
First of all we should be clear about the physiological differences between males and females; this can well be the greatest reason of dissimilarities in their opinions and choices. Their physiques are different; so different are their needs. Males do not need handbags, so they don’t think of them too much (Simple reasoning to conclude the first point).
It is not imperative that a male does not see what he doesn’t need. Males discuss politics, watch sports, like race cars, gadgets and countless other stuff; do they need them all? Of course no. Then it is not just their physique factor that keeps them from developing a knack for handbags. Then what else reason it could be!
We may say that they are so busy in managing their own things that they do not generally notice handbags. This reason may look impressive to people but not to me. I have observed that almost all the male members of the staff know pretty well what their female colleagues keep in their handbags. They may often ask for a snack too, if the lady takes such items to the office. So, if the males know what is generally there in the handbag of a lady why don’t they know about the handbag itself. I discard this reason too.
Oh! Actually handbags are females’ too personal items; males think they should not get too much into things so exclusively meant to be for females. Well! Does this logic convince you? To be honest, I am not. I have a reason for not being convinced. I can swear that males know too much about the under garments of females. They can tell you the nice brands, hot items, celebrities’ choice and sometimes even price; but nothing much about the handbags. Are handbags more personal to females than their under garments? No way dear.
I am running short of my space. I will probably write about it in detail in any of my coming articles. Now we move to the next step, “Then what could possibly be the reason of males’ negligence of handbags?”
Most of the males generally need bigger or larger things to see the element of beauty in. Their aesthetic sense is not as keen as that of a woman. A woman does not simply use a handbag; she admires it too; loves it too. This makes man and woman stand poles apart in their motive of attention towards things. Males prefer to use things they like and females like things they use.

Handbags: A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!

Long ago when I read the line from Keats, “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever”, I could not get the true sense of it. Later as the life passed by and things presented themselves in their true form and figure, I configured that Keats really was ages ahead of his time. Our pleasure or joy has a great relation to beauty and we should never miss it.

I do not buy things by brands, price tags or their popularity; it is just their beauty that attracts me. If something is beautiful, it is worth having. For a minute or so, just imagine all those things you posses in terms of their relative beauty; you will be at the edge of a new classification, as some cheap items might be more beautiful than the costly ones.

Handbags are my priority in this article. I see women discussing brands, prices, in vogue handbags, celebrities preferring a certain handbag; but rare are the women who see handbags solely with the idea of finding beauty in it. If you buy a beautiful handbag, it is a source of beauty not for you only but also for those who see it.

I have many handbags and whenever I see them, I am filled with a sensation of beauty once again. I never see them simply as an article of my use, they are my love. They keep my aesthetics getting better and better. I feel my handbags, appreciate their beauty, talk to them and find comfort and solace among them.

Have you ever personified your handbag? If not, try it someday. Feel the way it is stitched, look deep into its porous skin, observe its color, see its accessories; everything will come up in a new shape and tone to your eyes and you will be forced to realize that you never gave you handbag the due share of your attention.

My handbag is more than a handbag for me. I derive pleasure and happiness from it. Taking things for granted make them lose their worth. But to me, my handbags are, and surely will be, A JOY FOR EVER.