December 5, 2012


These days there are hundreds of internet sites claiming to be the online fashion stores but Transfashions ( is my favorite. I rank it among the best online fashion stores of today. I know you might not agree with my statement, so I will put forth my reasons for your kind consideration and then you may decide yourself if I am right in my judgment or not.

First of all the term “Fashion Store” is a very wide and abstract term. Fashion Store means a store that deals in almost all types of fashion items and their accessories: from jackets to jewels, pins to purses and combs to cosmetics. The scope becomes so much wide that it is very difficult for average stores to attain the standards of a Fashion Shop or Fashion Store. I have visited hundreds of online fashion stores but when I see the product list, only few of them meet the criteria to be called “fashion stores”, otherwise some are good at clothing, some have a wider range of shoes while some have a nice big collection of perfumes. However, very few have a complete range of fashion items and accessories. If you ever happen to stop by you will see the product list in hundreds and in each tab you will find further hundreds of items. So while you are at the store you virtually find yourself standing among a huge collection of fashion items that if you start checking each item, it may take you a year or so to complete the list.

I am sure you have visited almost all the famous stores online. When you open the website you find yourself crowded by ads and links of other similar types of stores. Actually all these websites run ads to earn money but these ads contaminate the web environment and one feels too much noise around him while one is busy in shopping. When I go to, I always find a peaceful and extra serene environment, where there is no disturbance of any kind and I can shop with hundred percent of my concentration. I hope you will also validate this point of mine.

Most of the online fashion stores sell hundreds of items but there is no detailed description of the items. The buyer cannot satisfy his curiosity. I do not like to buy anything I know nothing about its specification or description. provides me detailed information about each item it sells. I really feel very confident and at ease while shopping at

I am sensitive about colors. When I buy clothes I am always after the exact tone or shade of color that attracts me. offers my sense of color a magnificent treat. It has more than one color against each bag, dress, shirts etc. of the same design. Sometime you like a specific design but not the color. So you need a certain design in a certain color and that is what I can have at

So you might well now be thinking that I do have some reasons of mine for my statements. When I say that I find Transfashions among the best online fashion stores of today, I mean it because I have witnessed this myself and I have more than one reason to justify my liking for it. I do not intend to propagate for Transfashions, as I know that if something is good, it is eventually known to the public within a short period of time. However, I am confident that after sometime most of you will be saying the same thing with the same kind of arguments for

Online Fashion Shops: What Should You Be Careful About

Online fashion stores are falling heavily from the skies these days. As you open your browser the ads of online fashion shops come flying blindly to your screen and everybody is saying that they are the best available chain. The chances of your rationality succumbing to the lures of any of these ads, under such bombardment of words and offers, are fairly enough and I will not blame you if you have already been a victim of this propaganda. This article is intended to equip you with essential tips how to identify the authenticity and efficiency of online fashion store if you happen to buy something online.

First of all you must remember that VERBAL CLAIMS SHOULD MEAN NOTHING TO YOU. Do not pay attention to whatever words or offers are written in the ads or on any page. Try to see if the online fashion store has any physical address. This must be mentioned on its main page or under the page ‘contact us’. Further it must have a contact number displayed in an elaborative and clear way on the site. If any site claiming to be an online fashion store does not have any or both of these things, I would recommend you to block that site permanently in your browser, as it is a FAKE for sure.

After applying this initial check you must pay attention to see if the store is a VAT paying company or not. If the store has written in its general company statement that it is a VAT payer, it means you can trust it, otherwise you might unconsciously become part of anti-tax mafia, operating worldwide. These are the people who do not pay tax and thus are doing an illegal business.

The site must offer a variety of payment options and a safe checkout system. If you find that any online fashion store is trying to steal your personal information in any way, you must be conscious to provide any of your valuable private data to a pirate site. Many fake online shopping centers use customer’s financial and personal information for their illegal or unfair means of business expansion.

Pricing is yet another issue that you must pay heed to. Certain internet sites work on commission and they charge more to you for any item that you can easily avail from other online stores on lower prices. For this you may have a cross check of price by opening more than one online stores and seeing the difference yourself. If someone is trying to charge you too much without providing any extra service for that, you should avoid using that site and be content with whatever you already have as you online shopping solution.

You must see how many unique items are there that an online fashion store is offering. If it has nothing special or unique you must know that it is not a company or chain in itself. It has simply compiled different things from some stores and selling its collection online under its own name and with its own commission which will certainly put an extra burden on your budget.

Another thing that you must note is that whatever online fashion shop you are visiting should have a blog page. The genuine online fashion stores run their fashion and general blogs on their site. In other words if some site does not have any related written material, it puts a big question mark over its authenticity. If it has you must see that it is frequently updated.

So once you have confirmed that any online fashion shop you are thinking of buying anything from has a valid physical address, telephone number, VAT number, multiple payment options, competitive prices, unique items and blogs, I would recommend you to feel confident while shopping from such site, otherwise being away from the danger zone is the best and safest option for you.


Whenever people come to talk to me about the new buying practices or selling techniques I always recommend them going for online shopping. At the moment the online shopping trend is developing rapidly across the globe and soon it will be the order of the day. I am sure you will also be wondering about my firm believes about going for online shopping and especially for fashion items; so I must let you know the reasons too. Some reasons because of which I love to go for online fashion stores are given in the following paragraphs.

Firstly I always want to go hand in hand with the pace of the world. Things have changed quite drastically since the last two decades. Now if we have seen so many new things being introduced in our daily life why should we stick to the old fashioned way of buying things. In the past years there was no other option for anybody except to go to the shop and buy the things one needed. So it is not that going to the shop is a standard way of purchasing thing. Now that we have options of doing the same while sitting in the sofa in our living room why should we take the time out to go to the shop ourselves?

Secondly a few decades back people had so much time as they could spare a lot or some of it to be wasted in the streets or shopping malls. Now time is the most valuable asset that we have. If you have taken time management lessons you must have been taught to use your time in the most efficient way, and if you have not you can evaluate my statement yourself right now. If you can do something in ten minutes, it will never be a good idea to take two hours for that. Whatever you lose out of time is irreversible and once you ponder over what I am trying to convey to you, you will never think of going to a shopping mall to get what you can have at your doorstep within a couple of minutes’ spent online.

Thirdly everybody is not good at social interaction and especially with the salesmen. Their objective is to sell as many things as they can. Once you enter the shop with the estimated budget of a hundred dollars to spend, you might come out with six hundred dollars’ worth shopping simply as the result of the persuasion of the salesman that you could not resist. If you visit an online fashion store, there is no human to persuade or drag you to buy things exceeding your budget and you are likely to remain within your estimated expense.

Fourthly shopping malls or shops do not guarantee you a safe home delivery. Once you select a thing you have to pay over the counter before you come out of the place. Imagine you have purchased a perfume worth seven hundred dollars and as you are coming out of the store another customer bumps into you and the bottle of perfume drops down before your eyes and is broken. You could not even have the pleasure of bringing something home that you had bought after saving money out of your two months’ salary. When you shop from any online fashion store; they are bound to deliver thing at your doorstep. You can at least have the relief of having something in your home that you have purchased.

This is simply a very small list of reasons that I have for favoring online fashion stores. However, these points will help you have the clarity of my point of view up to some extent. You must know that doing what the majority is doing is not always a right thing to do. It might be a common thing or easy thing to do but not right, for sure. You must do what you think right for yourself. I never see what people are doing or what they might like to see me doing; I do what I think right for me because I know I am the master of my life and the rest are of theirs, not mine.