September 18, 2013

Leather Hobo Bags

Reason why hobo bags are top sellers

Hobo bags possess all the desirable qualities and characteristics that women look for in bags. It therefore comes as no surprise that such bags command such huge attention as compared to other types of bags. These bags are stylish, trendy and beautiful in every sense possible. A lot of the top female personalities wouldn’t want to be caught without one of these bags simply because it helps raise their status in society. In short, anyone having this type of bag will definitely feel a step higher than their normal and ordinary self. It’s one of those accessories that are believed to add more meaning to life.

Benefits of wearing a hobo bag

First of all, hobo bags offer comfort to the user. They are designed in a manner that helps the user feel at ease when carrying it around. You can wear this type of bag the whole day without having to worry about feeling pain on your shoulder once you’ve put the bag down. A lot of the straps that run over the shoulder are made from material that will reduce the pressure exerted by the weight of the bag. You want to have a bag that is pleasing to carry around and this is more than possible with these types of bags.
The bags come in different sizes. The one thing to note is that a lot of them whether big or small are designed to maximize the use of space. This is evident with the many pockets and compartments inside the bag to allow the user to place a variety of things with ease. This is a feature that is very appealing to women as it spares them the blushes of removing personal effects in public just to get to the document that is placed at the bottom of the bag.
Hobo bags have captured the hearts of many because they are a very versatile accessory. They can be worn on any occasion such as parties and formal dinners. They are also designed in a manner that would go well with very many types of skirts, pants and dresses. They can also be worn by women of all ages from the young humble beginners to the rich and established women. This bag is fast becoming a trademark bag among a lot of women worldwide due to the advantages it comes with. It would therefore be very sad if you were not among the women enjoying its benefits.

What you need to look at before buying hobo bags

A few of the things that you can look out for when purchasing this bag include size, color and quality. Don’t get sloppy due to shopping excitement and adrenaline and end up losing your money. It’s good to be calm and composed. Hobo bags are popular stylish bags because one can simply be able to tell the difference between a genuine and counterfeit product. You can be able to tell by looking at the material used and the details in design. They’ll have chains and braids. Take a good look at such details to determine authenticity. An original item will have a chain made from strong metal that can’t be scratched or easily broken.  

September 14, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick 045 Raspberry Review

As a Revlon Lipstick user, I was enthused to find the new range of Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks available at the store a week ago. I love using lipstick and made a decision to try out the new Colorburst 045 Raspberry to know if it suited me and how it fared with the competition. It cost me $9.00 which I thought was a bargain for this kind of brand that is produced to have the glistening effect on your lips throughout the day and night.

On application, I noticed that the color is somewhat faint. For those who require deeper color you may want to use a more intensive application or try an alternative that contains more pigment. I suppose it all depends on your complexion and the clothes you are wearing.

 An interesting quality about the Colorburst range is that it adopts the new approach to Lipstick composition, offering no flavor or scent. This neutral quality helps those who get put off or irritated by such properties while still appreciating the color. There are some limitations in color in that the numbers of shades available are restricted to eight. This seems to be rather uncharacteristic for a brand with a reputation of having an abundance of shades to choose from. 

You will be comfortable with Colorburst 045 due to the moisturizing property which is part of the attributes of all Revlon lipsticks. It has an attractive color with a satin finish that adds a touch of class to your lipstick application.

Unfortunately, there are some pitfalls in using Revlon Colorburst 045 lipstick. It does not have the durable qualities that you would expect from a product of this brand. After approximately one and a half hours, I realized that there had been some considerable fade which is something that competitors seem to have paid more attention to especially on the inner side of the lips. Fortunately, the whole range of lipsticks from the Revlon brand does not suffer from the same flaw.

The bottom line is that, as long as you find it suitable for use, it is worth using because it’s still a product of good quality. This comes down to your skin tone, not to mention the creativity that Revlon has put into the limited color collection. The Colorburst range has improved tremendously on moisturizing and texture which allows you to forget that you are ‘carrying’ something on your lips  giving Revlon the edge over the competition and despite the lipstick fading rather early; it can still hold its own. Remember, Revlon offers a wide range of lipsticks and there will not be much of a problem in buying a variety of them to make up for the minor deficiencies that the Colorburst 045 may have. Therefore, I have decided to add a variety of shades to my lipstick collection because of the improvement in the moisture content and texture as well as the comfortable feeling I get on applying Colorburst 045. Try it out as well!

September 12, 2013

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 - 01 In A Nutshell review

I was looking to try out a new brand of lipstick and read some reviews before settling on Clinique High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 - 01 In A Nutshell. I liked what I saw online and was not disappointed with what I received through courier. It’s a bit of a gamble for me because I live way out of town and isn’t worth going all the way to town to buy lipstick or a few other small items so I do most of my cosmetics shopping online. This way I save my time, energy and resources.

Despite the price being on the relatively higher side in comparison to the competition, I think it is worth it because of the superior quantities that Clinique produces per item. The quality is not left behind as well and features sun protection as well as moisturizer that more than compensate for the price difference.

The Clinique High Impact Lip Colour SPF 15 range comprises a range of neutral colours that are easy to match with the rest of the make-up you are wearing and I do not have any difficulty complementing my clothes or hair with it.  In A Nutshell is my preferred choice because it is adaptable to all circumstances during the day or in the evening.

There is an air of class associated with it that is reflected in the design as well and with Clinique brand falling under the Estée lauder brand you are guaranteed of a reputable product in a highly competitive market.

Before you begin the process, Clinique recommends the usage of Clinique All About Lips which I purchased later and found to be very effective in enhancing the effect of the lipstick application. I get the desired effect all the time because I realized that the formula works well not on its own but on the advice of the producer Clinique.

The Nearly Violet colour compliments my skin tone in such a manner that after putting on the rest of my make-up, there is a wonderful glow all over my face. The Clinique Mascara and Clinique Quick Liner for Lips create the perfect combination for my face and enhance my facial features in a subtle yet sophisticated way.

My lips are smoothened by the combination of a creamy and comfortable feeling all day long and with staying power of 8 hours I have little to worry about. Perhaps you will only touch up if you are overly conscious about your appearance but that does not bother me any more since I have the confidence to get me through the day.

For the price of $27.89 it works out cheaper for me because of fewer applications and so I don’t see the need of settling for a cheaper but less effective lipstick. Conversely, it depicts style and class so what more could I ask for?

I recommend this to anyone who finds the task of touching up frequently a nuisance.

September 11, 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm 05 Review

Ever since Clinique introduced the Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour balm, I have not thought of using anything else on my lips. For me, it serves a variety of purposes including lipstick and gloss. Its convenient design is one of the reasons why I always have one on me though the Chunky Cherry is my favorite shade. The reason why I have never been an avid user of lipsticks et al is the fragrance and tastes that come with this line of cosmetics and there is there added bonus of it being rich in content at 3 grams.
I love the natural colour that Chunky Cherry has and its reddish pink colour compliments my skin tone as well giving me a vivacious and impressive look. Being a lip balm, it does not have the immediate qualities of a lipstick and lasts for not more than 3 hours before I retouch my lips. Despite this, it works wonders on my lips during hot and dry weather and in extreme cold. I feel reassured by the moisturizer and sun protection that I get leaving my lips feeling smooth, supple and comfortable. Other balms may last longer but they do not have some essential attributes that I need like shea butter and mango. I don’t get that sticky sensation on my lips that is a characteristic of other balms and at $27.89, I think it’s a bargain.

The colour range is also remarkable and despite Chunky Cherry being my favorite, I intend to get more tints during my next visit to the drug store. The natural looking appearance that my lips get have made me love this balm and that is why I do not need to look for an expensive lipstick to apply when I want to look a little more sophisticated. I find the lip balm to have a cool effect that has a touch of class. Perhaps the only area for improvement is the precision on application because the stick is really chubby and difficult to control especially if you are not used to it. This gets worse as it starts to wear out. But the other qualities more than compensate for this shortcoming and since it is such an effective lip balm, all I need to do is get a new one.

I am not surprised at the silky smooth feeling on application as well since there is a lot of natural ingredients that contribute to its creamy nature; a fact that I love because I know that these are safe to use and I have nothing to worry about.
Using the Clinique Chubby Stick - Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm 05 has helped me make a lot of savings and it works perfectly well with my lips. I do not need to look elsewhere for anything else and would recommend it to even the most discerning of ladies who want to enhance the appearance of their lips and general features of the face. Go out and get some!

September 9, 2013

What makes Tote bags must have accessories for women

Not many women know this but a tote bag can be able to give a telling story about the user’s personality. It can help portray your confidence and elegance if it’s correctly used and worn with the right attire. There are different types of ladies handbags like wristlets and satchels but the Tote bags stand out as one of the most popular of them all. They are a fan favorite among women mostly because they consist of a wide range of designs and also have ample space in which women can store their utilities.

Women in the formal sector are best suited with Tote bags that are either medium sized or big. This is because it offers them the comfort of storing a huge number of items that they can use throughout their day. It can be an extra pair of flat shoes to wear should they get tired of high heel shoes or make up to use to freshen up. The main advantage about this bag is that it doesn’t bulge up and show that the user has a lot of things in their bag. It thus maintains that professional look despite the fact that it’s to some extent being used for casual work when it carries jackets and umbrellas instead of documents and notebooks.

Popular materials used to make tote bags

The materials commonly used are ideal when it comes to complementing the overall look of a woman. It’s important that the user selects the material wisely as each comes with different offers and values that they can enjoy. Some of the common materials include

Canvas: Canvas is popular with making Tote bags that are fancy in nature. Its versatility allows it to create bags that are unique. The different types of designs that are currently made from this material are infinite. It’s the perfect fit for teens that are discovering their sense of style and fashion. It’s also ideal for a casual look.

Leather: A lot of the designer bags will fall under this category. They are durable and can be used for any occasion whether formal or casual. It’s a must have accessory especially for women in the corporate industry looking to achieve that elegant, sophisticated and professional look.

Customized Material: This is often a combination of several materials such as leather, nylon and canvas among others. They vary in shape and design and can be used for formal or informal occasions.

A bag for all ages

The level of convenience offered by Tote bags is beyond description. It becomes more of a personal item that one cannot do without once they start using it. Women who have come of age will appreciate this accessory in their life. It will free them of the burden of having to leave vital stuff such as makeup and perfume at home just because they have nowhere to carry it. It can be their second skin as it’ll only leave their side when they are sleeping. The only way of understanding this is by going to a store and getting one today.

September 7, 2013

Clinique Chubby Stick - Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm 04

The Clinique Chubby Stick is a one of a kind product that fills the niche once lacking and today provides for ladies like myself who suffer from dry and cracked lips ever so often. When you live in a desert like Arizona, you’ll understand what I mean. The Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm 04 or Mega Melon is my favorite and since I am not the lipstick loving kind of girl, it suits my needs perfectly.

Mega Melon is an apricot shade with a golden shimmer that compliments my complexion in a brilliant way. The colour is not as rich in pigment or texture as lipstick but it manages to fill the gap pretty well. This natural looking lip tint contains elements that nourish your lips like jojoba oil, shea butter and mango. I love the richness in moisture and this combination keeps my lips healthy by eliminating the dryness and cracks. 

There is no need for additional application of balm because the Chubby Sticks serve this particular purpose as stiffness is eliminated and all you need to do is to retouch once every three hours.

I love the convenient packaging that comes with such a great product. It sort of looks like a crayon and thankfully, I don’t need to sharpen it. All you need to do is to twist the base for more. This means that you are not left with the task of acquiring a sharpener that you’ll need to clean after use not to mention you make-up area as well.  The Chubby sticks do not last very long because of reapplication frequently but that is not a problem to me because I love my Mega Melon and I am glad to restock whenever the need arises. I intend to explore other shades in the future as well because I am an avid user of this product.

The Chubby Sticks are rich in quality with generous quantities as well and are a welcome alternative to the dupes that are currently in the market. Cheap is expensive and you are better off spending a couple more dollars on a genuine lip balm like this.

I love the texture because it’s not as thick as a lipstick which makes wearing it easy and leaves me more comfortable than if I had to use a proper lipstick. The balm coating is not sticky as is usually characteristic of lip gloss and this makes it a winner for me coupled with the fact that it leaves a beautiful shine on my lips. The round tip makes application a breeze and it pairs well with Clinique Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo as well as Quick Liner for Eyes.

At a discounted price of $27.85 online, it fares well with the competition and this is one lip balm that I have already recommended to friends and family and they all love it. My only complaint is that the number of shades available is too low.

September 6, 2013

Maybelline Nail Polish Express Finish 405 Pearly Pastel Review

I get quite excited when it comes to shopping Maybelline products as they have got some of the best and most attractive range of makeup items that is sure to bring out the best side of the person who uses it. I’m a complete shopping freak; and I like to shop for makeup products especially.  No matter, how much one dress up for an occasion, the makeup is incomplete without a perfect nail polish. Having said that, I just wanted to share with you all my thoughts on the latest addition to my makeup set - Maybelline Express Finish 405 pearly pastel nail polish. No matter, how much one dress up for an occasion, the makeup is incomplete without a perfect nail polish.



Maybelline is a topnotch makeup company that has come out with best products covering various categories but I should say that Maybelline Express Finish 405 pearly pastel nail polish is simply unbeatable. Here is quick overview of the product. One of the things I hate about nail polishes is the time it takes for drying up completely. I’ve messed up with this several times but this time I am saved.  Maybelline express finish goes by its name. It only takes about 40 seconds to one minute for the nail polish to get dried up on your nails. All credits goes to its anti-chip formula.

What makes the nail polish even more interesting is its unique control flow brush. The brush is perfect for smooth, consistent and even application of the nail polish. The brush takes only the required amount of polish from the bottle for a nail and as a result there will not be any dripping. Maybelline Nail Polish Express Finish 405 Pearly Pastel scores in the packaging front. It comes in an adorable, attractive packaging which gets people into buying it without second thoughts. I love to play with my nail polish and I found out that Maybelline Nail Polish Express Finish 405 Pearly Pastel could appear different with additional coats. In single coating, it gives out a dull, peach finish. In the second coating, I saw that it turns into peachy pastel shade and with the final third coat, a perfect finishing is achieved. 

The pearly pastel shade is one of the classic nail polish colors which turn out to be quite popular all around the world but one should also keep in mind the fact that this nail color may not be suitable for one and all. Pearly pastel is a sober pastel shade that has got some tones of orange color in it. In some hands, it may look adorable and in some other cases it could just look plain. Maybelline Nail Polish Express Finish 405 Pearly Pastel offers a smooth and silky tone finish but I noticed that the glossy finish fades away soon after the nail polish dries up on the nail. I liked the product much but I would best advice people to go for a trial before buying one.

September 5, 2013

How to choose the best shoulder bag for women

Shoulder bags are a very important accessory for women. It’s more like their third arm that helps them store personal effects. A good shoulder bag can either make or break the overall appearance of a woman. It can also increase or decrease the level of convenience that a woman enjoys when doing her own things. It’s therefore wise to always go for a good bag that will serve you well. There are very many things to consider such as price, design, size and material among many others. The only way you’ll succeed in getting a good item worth the money you spend is by carefully researching and taking into consideration a few factors. 


Detailed look into getting a quality shoulder bag

The fact that your budget is small shouldn’t bar you from acquiring a quality bag. On the other hand, having an infinite budget doesn’t also guarantee you that you’ll find the perfect fit. You can get duped or buy something fake. In general, there is more to a quality bag than its monetary value. Always make sure that he material used is authentic. Leather is one of the most preferred choices since it’s durable. Getting it right in this area will increase your chances of having a good item.

The design of the bag no matter how fancy will be irrelevant if you don’t have any wardrobe to match and bring out its appeal. Don’t be surprised should your overall look be ruined just because your new designer shoulder bag matches with nothing that you are a wearing. Critics will jump at this opportunity to label you as a failed fashion statement. The secret here is choosing a design that has a few colors that are also present on the clothing that you are wearing. Contemporary designs are widely popular since they match with a majority of women’s clothing.

Types of bags available for you to choose from

The type of shoulder bag that you choose should suite your personality. You should also be very comfortable and feel at ease when wearing it. Some of the different types of shoulder bags that you should know about include
-        Tote Bags: always make sure that the strap of this type of hand bag is designed to reduce the strain inserted on your shoulder by the weight of the bag
-        Evening bags: they are quite feminine in nature and filled with designs and creative works of art. They are the perfect accessory for a woman who wants to look good.
-        Duffel bags: it’s a great bag to use when heading out to gyms. Women can use it to carry their gear without any problem.
-        Back packs: These bags can be used by both male and female students who can use them to carry their books.


It’s always good to window shop for a quality shoulder bag in stores near you. You can also look at some products in online stores where you’ll be afforded the luxury of having a wide range of selection to choose from. Buying this item with your friends is great as you experience their taste and get their thoughts on your selections.

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense 373 Magnetic Coral Review

Expensive lipsticks are lovely to have however when you are in a tight budget there are lots of great alternatives available out there. You might not get the similar lasting power; fine texture as well as packaging but for its cost you can still catch a reasonable deal. As an example which is very amazing is the L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense 373 Magnetic Coral. 


This Intense 373 Magnetic Coral is a color riche consist of one of a kind blend of Vitamin E and Omega 3 which block the dehydration of your lips and recover their barrier purpose and role. By using this lips are guaranteed to be well and continued to be smooth, supple hydrated as well as very protected.

The L'Oreal Paris laboratories choose the finest and purest pigments for exceptional and much improved color spreads. Its colors are made and considered as the excellent hydrated lips to greater advantage as well as much deeper and intensified than ever. This L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense 373 Magnetic Coral covers the lips in a magnificent shine which lasts beautifully the entire day and doesn’t make your lips dull or even bleed.

The colors are essential factor of the world of fashion and the colors which yell at each other is not an error, but an idea to develop the one of a kind beauty of a woman and create personalized intense style, and colors which highlighted because of its boldness and able to change completely the face of a woman even in the most dazzling events. With L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense 373 Magnetic Coral the beauty and fashion choices are forever imaginative. They are thoroughly matched your outfit options or make refreshing and spirited contrast of makeup and the only limitation is your imaginations.

L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense 373 Magnetic Coral is a heavy coral shade with an aura of shimmering gold. It has lots of pigments and has some formula type of glossy as well as matte; there are always available shades that would surely match your state of mind or any time of the day and any event. Every lipstick is neatly and accurately outline and produced to fit every natural coloring of a woman from brunettes to blondes and from fair complexion up to those who have dark skin colors. The sensuality of this lipstick is so colorful and rich which makes every woman desire to wear any make up and dress. Its gleam and class are always present. Your lips are maintained to be smooth, soft and extremely hydrated. With the range of new and enhance marvelous shades in very elegant latest packages.

The L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Intense 373 Magnetic Coral lipstick, aside from its mixture of extravagant color with lifelong hydration for an extreme-captivating look, it is embellished with Argan oil in order to soften and condition your lips that give a very smooth and remarkable finish that are truly amazing and stunning to look at.