December 5, 2012


These days there are hundreds of internet sites claiming to be the online fashion stores but Transfashions ( is my favorite. I rank it among the best online fashion stores of today. I know you might not agree with my statement, so I will put forth my reasons for your kind consideration and then you may decide yourself if I am right in my judgment or not.

First of all the term “Fashion Store” is a very wide and abstract term. Fashion Store means a store that deals in almost all types of fashion items and their accessories: from jackets to jewels, pins to purses and combs to cosmetics. The scope becomes so much wide that it is very difficult for average stores to attain the standards of a Fashion Shop or Fashion Store. I have visited hundreds of online fashion stores but when I see the product list, only few of them meet the criteria to be called “fashion stores”, otherwise some are good at clothing, some have a wider range of shoes while some have a nice big collection of perfumes. However, very few have a complete range of fashion items and accessories. If you ever happen to stop by you will see the product list in hundreds and in each tab you will find further hundreds of items. So while you are at the store you virtually find yourself standing among a huge collection of fashion items that if you start checking each item, it may take you a year or so to complete the list.

I am sure you have visited almost all the famous stores online. When you open the website you find yourself crowded by ads and links of other similar types of stores. Actually all these websites run ads to earn money but these ads contaminate the web environment and one feels too much noise around him while one is busy in shopping. When I go to, I always find a peaceful and extra serene environment, where there is no disturbance of any kind and I can shop with hundred percent of my concentration. I hope you will also validate this point of mine.

Most of the online fashion stores sell hundreds of items but there is no detailed description of the items. The buyer cannot satisfy his curiosity. I do not like to buy anything I know nothing about its specification or description. provides me detailed information about each item it sells. I really feel very confident and at ease while shopping at

I am sensitive about colors. When I buy clothes I am always after the exact tone or shade of color that attracts me. offers my sense of color a magnificent treat. It has more than one color against each bag, dress, shirts etc. of the same design. Sometime you like a specific design but not the color. So you need a certain design in a certain color and that is what I can have at

So you might well now be thinking that I do have some reasons of mine for my statements. When I say that I find Transfashions among the best online fashion stores of today, I mean it because I have witnessed this myself and I have more than one reason to justify my liking for it. I do not intend to propagate for Transfashions, as I know that if something is good, it is eventually known to the public within a short period of time. However, I am confident that after sometime most of you will be saying the same thing with the same kind of arguments for

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